A Spiritual Lesson in Light Bulbs

This past Saturday Mrs. Misty and I were at the church doing some cleanup and small projects. One of our goals was to replace several of the overhead fluorescent light bulbs that had burned out. In the auditorium we had 8 that were bad, out of a possible 40 (that’s a lot of light)! Well, […]

“I Am Resolved”

Planning on making New Year’s resolu- tions this year? Let me ask you some- thing…How did that work out for you last year? Oh don’t get upset – I’m not judging you! I just know how the human nature is. Often we begin our year with good intentions, making resolutions that we’ll lose weight, keep […]

1st Mentions: “Love”

     Throughout all of time as we have known it (and some from before knew it) Satan has worked to destroy God’s relationship with His people. A large part of that plan has been to question God’s Word and even destroy it if possible. Well, to destroy God’s word is impossible so Satan has […]

Little nips…

As I sat at my dining room table studying this morning, enjoying the solitude before the kids wake up and the hustle begins, I paused to watch my aquarium for a bit. It’s set up as a 55 gallon Cichlid tank, with 5 medium to large Cichlids and a monstrous plecostomus. Cichlids are pretty fish, […]